Wedding Cinematography is now demanding in everywhere at this time. MOMENTS STUDIO has lots of new highly cinematic tools for capture your cinematic style wedding cinematic video that is ur unforgettable memory of a lifetime.

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What is a Wedding cinematography Video?

Standard wedding videos aim is to record everything of your wedding day, giving you a memory of events that occurred in sequential order. A cinematic wedding video gives an angle to the day, an artistic style. Gone are those days when a man with a camera and a big yellow focus light kept the camera rolling all day. Today wedding videos are all about telling stories.

Wedding Cinematic Photography

Wedding cinematography is the natural extension of wedding photography. A typical wedding video is capturing every single event and every single ritual being recorded. While that was fine ten years back, today you want your story being told shortly and creatively. That is where modern wedding cinematography comes to the trends.

Pre Wedding shoot

What is a Cinematic Wedding Video?

Cinematic Wedding Video is telling a story. We do this through a mix of speeches, images, and music. The film is shoot differently as the best wedding cinematographer in India will shoot in high-quality short clips. This is because they are shooting to tell a story, not just document every single minute of the day.

Is cinematography the same as videography?

Videography is the art of taking good videos. Cinematography is the art of conveying a message through videos. If I am capturing birds in a really cool angle, it is videography. But, if I want to tell a story, represent something, and people feel something special from my videos. it is the cinematography.

Wedding Cinematography meaning

Wedding cinematography is an art form blended with creative storytelling. The best wedding photographer in Patna is some of the best storytellers. Moments Studio can set the right tone for the Cinematic video. We weave a magically wonderful introduction and a climax of the wedding film. Similarly, we capture moments from various creative angles to give it a perfect cinematic look for the people viewing it.

Examples of Cinematic Shots

An emotional father-daughter moment or the beautiful bride sharing a smile looking at her groom. Therefore we weave a story from each moment and creates a fairy-tale wedding movie out of it.

Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is a common one that does not involve much creativity. With a smartphone in hand, everyone turns into a videographer, but a professional one uses a typical video camera. They rolling and moving around to capture any random picture of the couple and the ceremonies going side by side.

There is no storytelling involved in the videography process. After that, there is no emotional connection that can be seen in the cinematic wedding videos. Wedding videography is also cheaper than wedding cinematography.

Wedding Videography Equipment

The wedding Cinematic video is shot using a tape-based camera that has static lenses or basic camcorders. Wedding videographer doesn’t have any Slider, Tripod and Gimbal for Smoot movement like the wedding cinematographer near me. Such videography consists of lower resolution.

The low-lighted areas suffer in the case of wedding videography as the equipment used has a smaller tolerance for low light situations. So, It is hardly any dramatic camera angles in wedding videography and it seems a long and boring watch.

Wedding Cinematographer devices.

The wedding cinematography is captured with DSLR video cameras and professional Cinema lenses. Such equipment consists of large sensor sizes. It creates a huge difference in the wedding captures with DSLR. It has interchangeable lenses and a selective depth of field to isolate a particular subject with a strong focus and blur out the rest.

Other Differences

Team Size

As the wedding cinematography involves a storytelling process, it is shot accordingly from various angles keeping the story or the perception in mind. While editing, all the effects are combined and interwoven to come up with a great wedding movie that you finally get to see. The cinematography crew is quite big with several camera people and editing professionals.


With the rise of the digital cinemas, the differences between cinematography and videography have minimized but it remains very different from each other. Wedding videographer in patna as the term itself suggests is a part of video production. On the contrary, wedding cinematography is about cinema, movies, or film production. A cinematographer’s work involves a more complex cinematic process as compared to the videographer.

So, Which is Better – Cinematography Vs Videography

Both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Whether you wish to see yourself as the lead actor or actress of a high-budget wedding film with every element of a cinema. Like emotion, drama, love, song, dance all combined package or you just want to capture the moments. Which is often quite long and boring, is completely your decision. It will depend on your taste and your budget to hire a videographer or a cinematographer.