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Photography serves as a medium to relive our cherished memories. Founded in 2017 by Mr. Ajit Singh, Moments Studio, based in Patna, prides itself on using advanced techniques to deliver top-notch wedding/event photos and videos. With over 5 years of experience in offline photography and videography, we've now entered into the online market, offering the finest photographer services in Patna.


Moments Studio is your best destination for finding the best photographer deals near you. We provide a wide range of options, enabling you to compare and select the perfect package for your special day.

Our inspiration for launching Moments Studio derives from the tremendous influence of photography in capturing fleeting moments. It allows us to transport ourselves back in time, reliving the essence of those cherished occasions. We believe in the irreplaceable value of capturing these moments, which inspired the creation of our studio.

I found my true purpose in the field of wedding photography and cinematography by mentoring students, going on photo adventures, and taking pictures of friends..


Moments Studio's cinematography benefits from the widespread use of video cameras in modern society. These things are everywhere, from parades to school performances. However, having the right instruments does not ensure that you will be able to create a work of art.

Why Professional

Consider this example: could one recreate the creativity of Monet or van Gogh if given a paintbrush and a blank canvas? Similarly, while equipped with a video camera and editing software, making a cinematic masterpiece necessitates a unique skill set. Our approach to documenting weddings, like that of those great painters, has a unique signature style and technique.


At Moments Studio, we see videography as a chronological documentation of an event that lacks the creative flair of storytelling. Instead of the high-quality cameras used in cinematography, this method uses tape-based cameras with fixed lenses and reduced resolution, especially in low-light situations. Editing is straightforward, with little focus on dramatic camera angles.

Have you ever seen "that videographer" at a wedding? In formal clothing, brandishing an intimidating tripod on wheels, and illuminating the dance floor with a large light atop their camera? Perhaps you've sat through a long, boring wedding video?

As client expectations rise, we aim to match them by regularly improving our systems. This is our guiding principle: to bring a smile to your face while you watch our photos or videos.

Our Awards

Celebrating Milestones in Photography

We takes immense pride in the recognition we've received over the years. Our dedication to capturing moments with accuracy and artistry has earned us praise from prestigious organizations and customers alike.