Photography makes it simple for us to rewind our memories. We MOMENTS STUDIO best wedding photographer in Patna started by Mr. Ajit Singh in 2017.

Founder of Moments Studio
Ajit Singh

we believe to do smart work to deliver the best quality photos and videos of your wedding/event. We have been working in the offline market of photography and videography for more than 5 years, therefore we are expanding by stepping out in the online market.


It is the prime destination for you to get the best photographer near me deals in Patna. We give you endless choices and variety to compare and choose the best package for your wedding.

Why we choose to start MOMENTS STUDIO because whenever we see our old memory capture by photography then we remember all the desired moments. Suddenly we have reached at that time. The moments which has been passed never come again, so we have to save our moments through Photography. This is the main reason to start this Studio.

It is somewhere in between guiding students, taking photo walks, making portraits of friends and capturing the Nature Photography I found my calling for Wedding Photography and Cinematography


Video cameras are everywhere. Go to a school play and a parent is bound to have a video camera in their hands. Attend a parade and you will almost see someone pointing their video camera at the activity. See someone talking on their cell phone? That phone might have a video camera, too! They are everywhere.

The decreasing cost of consumer video cameras and editing software (bundled with many computers now) has made the entry into video production more realistic for many. But just because the tools are out there, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person behind the equipment will know how to create a cinematic movie.

Why Professional

someone gave you a paintbrush and a blank canvas, could you paint like Monet or van Gogh? Similarly, if someone gave you a video camera and some editing software, could you create the next movie? Almost not. Each of those artists has a style and technique that is unique to them. Just like those artists. Our style and technique of capturing weddings are unique to us.


We believe that videography is the capturing of a moment in time from beginning to end. Videography is not creative and it doesn’t use any sort of storytelling. It is purely meant to capture the entire event from beginning to end without much artistry. The video camera used with this technique is usually a tape-based camera with fixed lenses that has a lower resolution. Smaller for low light situations (compared to the camera we use for cinematography).

The type of editing used with this technique and little to no dramatic camera angles. Have you ever seen “that videographer” at a wedding…the one who is wearing a cumber bun, has a huge tripod on wheels, and a massive light on top of their camera that lights up the entire dance floor? Have you watched a long, boring wedding video?

The Customer’s desire is going high, so we try to full fill their demands. We always update from time to time our all system. We are try to do our best for our every project.

Making happiness on your face while watching our work…..That’s our motto